The increasing demand of the Administration towards the taxpayer makes Asesoría Torres and its ACCOUNTING department put special interest in mitigating such demands. Our qualified staff either from our own office or going to your place of work will offer you the human and technical resources for the proper management of the accounting, the way to file documents, etc., while offering you the necessary advice for the smooth running of your company.

Whether you need your accounting to be carried out or if what you need is the periodic review and the most complicated adjustments to have accurate and complete accounting information, we can establish the ways and means of collaboration that solve all your needs, using in all software compatibility and data communication by computer means as possible.


  • Opening and closing of the accounting year.
  • Payment Forecast Service
  • Administrative Advisory Service
  • Registro de facturas emitidas y recibida.
  • Treasury register.
  • Detailed analysis of customers and suppliers.
  • Updating of overdue accounting.
  • Comprehensive advice and training of company staff.
  • Balance sheet.
  • Balance amounts and balances.
  • Management of the profit and loss account.

Libros obligatorios

  • Preparation of mandatory accounting books (Journal, Inventory and Annual Accounts, General Ledger, Minutes, Partners).
  • Preparation of the books and those required by the Value Added Tax regulations (Invoices issued, received and investment goods).

Personas físicas

  • Settlement of taxes levied on Profits, Presumed Minimum Profit and Personal Assets.