Fiscal department

In the Tax Department you will find the preparation of all types of taxes to which the taxpayer is obliged, and which must be presented before the Tax Office. We are specialized in planning and tax advice for mercantile companies.
Taxation of economic activities is one of the main cost factors to be taken into account by the employer. It implies the need to comply with financial obligations (payments), formal (filing of returns) and the development of a "priori" tax planning that minimizes costs by finding maximum profitability for the employer. With an adequate forecast of needs, access to information can be facilitated, and thus cover tax obligations as efficiently as possible.


Alta en Impuesto de Sociedades Económicas

Advisory service and processing of registrations, modifications and cancellations of the Economic Activities Tax.

Confección de declaraciones

Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Wealth Tax (IP)

    • Information on documentation that is necessary to present.
    • Preparation and presentation of the returns of the Personal Income Tax and the Wealth Tax.
    • Service of preparation and presentation of the summary of the annual declarations of the withholdings of the Income Tax of Physical Persons.
    • Service for the preparation of the annual summary-certificate of the income and withholdings of the Personal Income Tax of the collaborating personnel.

Corporate tax

  • Information Service on changes in tax legislation, especially those that affect companies in the health sector.
  • Analysis and advice service in relation to possible tax problems arising from the normal operation of the company.
  • Tax planning service with the intention of optimizing the management of current tax burdens, prior to the preparation and presentation of the Tax.
  • Service for the preparation and presentation of corporate tax returns.
  • Assistance and monitoring of inspections and resources with the Tax Administration.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Service of preparation and presentation of quarterly VAT returns.
  • Service of preparation and presentation of the annual declaration-summary of VAT.
    Other taxes
  • Model 04 (Mandatory book communication).
  • Form 390 (Annual Summary VAT).
  • Form 180, 190 (Annual Summary Withholdings).
  • Model 200 or 201 (Corporation Tax).
  • Model 220 (Corporate Tax Consolidated Tax Regime).
  • Modelo 347 (Declaración Anual de Operaciones).

Nuevos residenciales

Individuals persons:

  • Advice and processing of sales.
  • Fiscal advice. Presentation and settlement of taxes: Personal Income Tax, Patrimony; VAT, IBI, etc. Business opening: incorporation of companies, processing of licenses.
  • Client representation.


  • Business accounting.
  • Organization of companies.
  • Organization of commercial books (social agreements, meetings, etc.)
  • Social Security, payroll.
  • Processing of any type of document in general. Extrajudicial agreements.

Impuestos trimestrales

Service of preparation and presentation of quarterly income tax returns and expenses, in case of developing a professional activity on their own.

  • Model 300 (General Regime).
  • Model 310 (Simplified Regime).
  • Model 370 (General and Simplified Regime).
  • Model 320 (Large Companies).
  • Model 330 (Exporters and other economic operators).
  • Model 332 (Large Companies registered in the Registry of Exporters and other operators).
  • Model 380 (Operations assimilated to imports).
  • Form 110, 115, 123, 124 and 126 (Withholdings and A / C Income).
  • Model 111, 123, 124 and 126 (Large Companies).
  • Model 202 (Payment A / C Corporate Tax General Regime).
  • Model 130 (Fractional Payments, E.D. and E.O. coefficients).
  • Form 131 (Fractional Payments, E.O. Modules).