Legal department

Disponemos de un bufete asociado de abogados preparados para defender tus intereses particulares o de tu empresa en todas estas áreas:

Derecho laboral

  • Preparation, attendance and appearance before the Labor Inspectorate in matters of settlement of Social Security contributions or acts of labor infringement and prevention of occupational risks or any other action.
  • Reconciliations
  • Calculation of settlements and compensation
  • Claim for wages and unpaid
  • Dispute of medical discharge
  • Work accidents
  • Modification of working conditions
  • Geographical mobility of the job
  • Contractual resolutions
  • Drafting of all types of documents: demands, allegations, requests for evidence, appeals before administrative bodies and labor and contentious-administrative judicial bodies
  • Resources and any procedures before the different instances until obtaining a final judgment in courts, higher courts of justice, National Court, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court