Deeds and inheritances

Our advisory, agency and law firm in Mojácar has technical and human resources with which we guarantee maximum speed and efficiency in the entrusted management in order to channel the formalization and processing of the file until its complete registration in the corresponding Registries. We are specialists in the adjudication of estates, wills and declarations of heirs.
Due to our extensive and proven experience in this field, our services are tailored to the particular needs of each client.
In our intervention in the file, before signing, you can include:

  • Comprehensive advice prior to signing the deed.
  • Property appraisal request.
  • Registration verification request.
  • Formalization and preparation of all the necessary documentation.
  • Provision of the appropriate minute to the Notary.
  • Intervention in the accounting and registration cancellation of charges.
  • Assistance in the act of signing.
  • In our intervention in the file, after the signature, you can include:
  • Withdrawal and settlement of the deed at the Notary.
  • Consolidation of the presentation entry in the Registry.
  • Calculation and request for provision of funds.
  • Tax settlement at the Treasury.
  • Definitive presentation and subsequent withdrawal of the deed once registered in the Registry.
  • Liquidation of municipal capital gains.
  • Change of ownership of the IBI receipt in the Cadastre.

Gestión de notaría

  • Processing of Public Deeds.
  • Constitution of societies.
  • Modification of bylaws.
  • Processing of registrable movable property transfer.

Tramitación de impuestos

  • Preparation of compulsory books and tax settlement.

Registro de la propiedad

  • Monitoring of the situation of delinquent properties, through the simple notes provided by the Property Registry.
  • Preparation of budgets and annual accounts that are sent with the convocation of the annual meeting.
  • Insistent claim for the payment of fees, and preparation of all the necessary documents for the lawyer appointed by the community to claim with full guarantee the payment of debts.
  • Computerized accounting according to the General Accounting Plan applied to communities of owners.s


  • We process and prepare inheritance awards, wills and declarations of heirs. Contact us and we will advise you on the procedures to follow and how to avoid higher tax expenses.