Nuestra historia

It was created in 1997 and provides advisory services in the areas of labor, tax, accounting and social insurance at the service of entrepreneurs and companies. Asesores, Abogados y Gestores Torres en Mojácar works for a demanding quality market with the objective of facilitating and guaranteeing with our experience a better management of your company. For this we have professionals specialized in each subject in addition to having the most advanced equipment and computer programs to offer you a personalized service with the maximum guarantees so that you obtain the optimal profitability of your company.

Our advice, agency, and law firm bases its prestige on the precise knowledge of the needs of each of its jobs, while the personalized and special treatment with each client creates a climate of trust that facilitates the achievement of each one of our plans. The complexity of legal obligations in the tax, accounting and social insurance labor world, make our services necessary, presided over by the seriousness and honesty of our professionals, providing guarantee and peace of mind to the client. On our pages you can obtain information about some of our services that will surely be of interest to you.

Always taking into account the accessibility and direct contact with your advisor, the efficiency and speed of execution, in addition to the provision of services through the network and email and above all the quality of the service.

Un equipo de profesionales

En Asesores, Abogados y Gestores Torres formamos un equipo de trabajo con personal altamente cualificado (Abogados, económistas, ldo. en empresariales,…) para prestar los servicios que ofrecemos.